Why Everyone Needs Clean Drinking Water

Our bodies are made up of about 60% water, and the benefits of clean drinking water for our general health are almost endless!

Whether it’s for exercise, regulating body temperature, helping with the digestion of food or flushing out toxins that build up from everyday living, water is our fuel and a fundamental pillar of wellbeing.

Although the government treats our water supply with copious amounts of chlorine, fluoride and chemicals to prepare it for consumption, there are still many problems with our tap water in Australia.

Adequate water filtration is the last line of defence between the body and 1000s of toxins and contaminants present in our drinking water.

Contaminants That May Still Be In Our Water Supply After Government Treatment:

      • Viruses and bacteria
      • Heavy Metals
      • Pesticides and herbicides
      • Organic chemical contaminants such as synthetic and volatile organic chemicals
      • Chlorine and Chloramines
      • Fluoride
      • Silt, rust, sand, algae, sediment, dirt
      • And more.

There are many benefits to drinking only filtered water:

Supports Your Immune System

Water helps oxygenate the blood, which flows freely through our body, pumping our cells with nutrients that enable them to work at full capacity. When our cells are functioning at their best, our immune system is properly armed to fight foreign invaders like bacteria and germs that make people sick.

Another function that purified water performs is helping the body produce lymph fluid. This fluid runs throughout the entire body collecting bacteria and toxins and transporting them into the lymph nodes, where the bacteria is then broken down and destroyed.

The better quality water you are drinking, the more work your lymph nodes can do.

Helps You Detox From Environmental Toxins

Through daily living, toxins build up in our bodies, leading to sickness and disease. These toxins are mainly picked up by breathing polluted air, eating unhealthy processed foods, and dealing with contaminants not removed from our water.

Your body can’t detox appropriately while you’re constantly consuming water that isn’t properly cleaned.

Give your body the support it needs, and use filtered water to help detox and nourish your cells.

Once you see how much healthier you feel when drinking purified water, you’ll never go back to tap water again.

Supports Your Brain Health

It’s no secret; heavy metals are neurotoxic.

If heavy metals aren’t removed from our drinking water before consumption, they can cross the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain. They destroy the proteins in the brain that are vital for functions like communication, detoxification, and repair.

Metals can also cause problems with your brain's ability to produce adequate serotonin levels, the neu­rotransmitter required for good mood.

Heavy metals can also cause brain inflammation.

Supports Your Digestion

Water is a foundational part of the entire digestive system. It plays a vital role in absorption of food and promotes regular bowel movements.

​​It’s well known that toxins within your drinking water can cause anything from feeling uncomfortable to having a stomach bug. If you experience gas or other stomach pain regularly and your trips to the doctor aren’t revealing the cause, consider making a change to your water.

Helps Maintain Healthy Skin And Hair

Water with higher mineral content helps flush out toxins more effectively and directly impacts skin hydration. The absence of chlorine in your drinking water will promote healthier skin because chlorine is known to deplete the natural oils and minerals in your skin and hair.

Helps Maintain Effective Kidney Function

Clean water helps the kidneys eradicate the body of toxins and keep your urinary system working well. However, if water is contaminated with chlorine, chloramines or other toxins, it will not be as effective at cleaning the toxins out of your body.

Is It Worth It To You?

We believe everybody has a fundamental human right to clean drinking water. Not just for survival, but so we can thrive.

Our mission is to provide clean drinking water to the world, one customer at a time.

Point of use water filtration systems and whole house systems are the perfect way to prevent illness, feel better, and look great!

Take a look at the Filteroo Steelroo, Filteroo Blue and Filteroo Classic, and experience the health benefits yourself.

Please contact us if you have any questions; we would love to help out.