A great quality stoneware water filter, guaranteed to be created out of the cleanest materials possible, with your choice of the best water filtration cartridges available on the market today.

Upgrade the taste of your drinking water with a Filteroo Gravity Benchtop Water Filter!

Benchtop gravity water filters are the perfect solution for removing contaminants that affect our health as well as unpleasant odours and flavours in your water.

Our Filteroo benchtop water filter range is also great for washing fruits and veggies, baking and cooking, making, tea and coffee, giving to your pets, plants, and more!

You have found the Filteroo Collection of Benchtop Gravity Water Filters.

The Filteroo range includes the best benchtop filters you can find. The Filteroo is available in stainless steel, ceramic and high quality food grade BPA free plastic. With our world-class water filters and the best prices, you are empowered to create the best drinking water at home or on the go.

If you are looking to buy the best benchtop water filtration system for your home, take a look through the options above and contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for or have any questions.

We also carry the highest quality Benchtop Water Filtration Cartridges on the market, so check out our collection of Benchtop Water Filter Cartridges when you are due to replace your water filter cartridges.

How we make a Filteroo

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