Filteroo Ceramic Water Filters



The Filteroo is Australia's most loved ceramic water filter. It is beautifully Australian by design and most importantly it creates beautiful tasting water.

It comes in 2 sizes, the popular 12 Litre Classic and the Stylish 10 Litre Slim and in a range of colours that you can see below.

This ceramic filter is handmade with the love of a lifetime potter. We use high-quality clay that has been tested over the last 30 years to make the best ceramic benchtop water filters.

Peter, the potter, behind the Filteroo has been making pottery water filters since ceramic benchtop water filters and dispensers began here in Australia. He is one of just a few potters who knows how to throw clay water filters due to the size and strength required to make them by hand.

Just to clear any confusion ceramic water filters and ceramic water purifiers are the same thing. This range of product is called so many names, such as, ceramic countertop water filters, portable ceramic water filters, ceramic benchtop water dispensers, ceramic pot water filters, ceramic gravity water filters, ceramic water filter dispensers, ceramic filter water purifiers, ceramic purifiers, and the list goes on.

The Filteroo ceramic water purifiers come with the option of two world-class ceramic water filter cartridges, the royal Doulton Super Steraysl Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge and the Ultraceram Water Filter Cartridge. Both of these cartridges use ceramic filtration and have 3rd party independent test results.

If you want to remove fluoride from your water using the Filteroo, go with the Ultraceram water filter cartridge. The Doulton water filter cartridge does not remove fluoride so it is great for rainwater.

If you are looking to buy the best ceramic water filter for sale in Australia, scroll down the page and select your favourite colour. The price to purchase and the cost to replace the cartridges is better than most water filters with this quality of water filtration. 

We are happy to say that the Filteroo is Australia's favourite ceramic water filter. It creates beautiful tasting water and is an Australian heirloom that is loved all over the world.


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