Is it cheaper to buy bottled water or use a water filter

There are many homes around the country, even schools too, that cannot provide clean drinking water for their kids. Instead, their choices are tap water or rainwater which is contaminated by bacteria, agricultural chemicals, questionable bore water or plastic bottled water.

46 schools across NSW, Australia are relying on bottled drinking water, and are shipping thousands of bottles of water to the schools in order to provide a clean water supply for their students.

Many people across the country have been relying on bottled water for years and many are saying;

It’s time for a permanent solution!


What Are The Options?

There are really only 2 options for getting better quality water when your tap water is unsafe to drink:

      1. Bottled water
      2. Water Filters

Bottled Water

Bottled water is cheap, portable, and convenient. It can be stored in large quantities for long periods of time and stashed away for emergencies.

Many think of bottled water as a safer option to tap water but there are still many risks:

      • It may not even be filtered
      • Contains toxins from the plastic
      • Can cause development and fertility challenges
      • Weight gain

Bottled water is loaded with microplastics, which can affect hormones and endocrine systems. These chemicals in plastics contain Phthalates which have are linked with an increased risk of cancer, and BPA which is strongly linked to reproductive challenges.

It’s difficult to stay calm as a kid when your hormones are being disrupted.

Imagine how much easier it is to learn when the body isn’t fighting off pathogens in drinking water.


Filtered Water

When it comes to water filters, you have complete control over what’s in your drinking water.

Plus, bottled water isn’t the only convenient option - having a water filter is way more convenient.

Having your own water filter allows you to create as much purified water in your home as you like, with the ability to fill up your water bottle and take it to work, school or wherever you or the kids are going for the day.

A water filter allows you to remove all the nasty contaminants from your tap water without having to dash to the grocery store to buy more water.

When you own your own water filter, you simply fill your glass or stainless steel water bottle and you always have clean water to take with you.

Even the most basic benchtop gravity water filter will remove chlorine, dirt and other bacteria that makes it taste bad. When you remove more serious contaminants such as heavy metals, nitrates, chlorine and fluoride - many health challenges never surface, especially for kids.


How Much Does Bottled Water Cost?

For this example, we will look at the cost of living in Australia. Assuming you have a family of 4, with 2 adults and 2 children.

Let’s say the adults drink 2 litres each per day and the kids drink 1.5 litres each per day and you use 2-3 litres a day to cook with and wash your fruit and vegetables.

That’s a rough estimate of 9-10L for the family every day.

That works out to be approximately 3,650L of water every year.

The cheapest water we could find at the time of writing this article costs about 0.53 cents per litre for a Woolworths brand of spring water, which is sold in 1.5L bottles.

The yearly cost for bottled water for a family of 4 in Australia is a minimum of $1,934.50, and even more, if your family is bigger.


How Much Does Filtered Water Cost?

The best water filter for value for money is a Filteroo Blue with a massive 20L holding tank which is plenty for any sized family. The cost for this is a one-time amount of $199.

Once every 12 months, the cartridges need to be replaced and the average cost to replace these cartridges is $80 per year ($170 total if you want to add fluoride removal as well)

With a water filter, you will pay $199 the first year, and $80 per year after that. You save well over $1500 a year by creating your own filtered water.

You can take it with you everywhere you go in a water bottle, and the kids can BYO purified water to school.

No more drinking the nasty school water.

You’ve upgraded your water game big time.

Check out our most affordable family-sized gravity water filter and contact us if you have any questions. Be sure not to miss the best countertop water filters available in 2022.

Now, what do you plan to do with the $1500 - 1800 every year?


What’s Wrong With Tap Water?

While you may be thinking your home is supplied with city or town water that has already been treated for nasty contaminants, you may want to think again.

While it is true that local councils and municipal centres sanitise your water, they can’t do anything about the contamination that happens when the water travels from the treatment facility to your home.

Think of all the corroded water pipes under the ground, the agricultural runoffs that leach nitrates into your water supply and excess chemicals like chlorine entering your home even after the water has already been treated.

Filtering your water is the clear solution to a healthier world.

When Bottled Water is the Only Option

In an ideal world, we would have a water filter in every home and parents could send their kids to school with a water bottle filled with the most purified water available.

If you feel called to pay it forward by purchasing a water filter for a family who can’t afford one, please contact us.