Filteroo Installation Guide

Hello, Andrew here and today I'm going to do a quick video on how to install the Filteroo. 

Filteroo is super simple to install, and below I will share step by step on how to do it.

1. What to do when you receive your Filteroo 

receive Filteroo

When you get the Filteroo, it's going to come in a nice big box. 

Unload or take all the bits and pieces out of the box, and check them. Make sure that they're looking nice and they have no cracks or damage in them. 

And if there's anything that's a problem at all, just let us know, we'll take your call and look after you, no problems at all.

So once you've got them all out on the table like this, it's very simple. 

2. Put the main (bottom) tank on the base

put the filteroo tank on the base

So the tap comes already installed, so the first step to installing the Filteroo is just to put the main tank onto the base.

3. Install the cartridge in the top tank 

The next step is to install the cartridge. So this here is the top tank, and the top tank is going to sit inside of the bottom tank. 

But before we install the top tank, we need to install the cartridge. 

There are 2 different cartridges available, the Ultraceram, and the Doulton, and they install exactly the same way. In this video, I'm just going to install the Ultraceram. 

install the cartridge in the top tank

Both cartridges are made of ceramic, so treat them like an egg. They both come with bubble wrap, and you want to use this bubble wrap to handle the ceramic.

The ceramic pores can be blocked up by the oils in your hand, so use the bubble wrap to protect it.

So, once you have the cartridge in the bubble wrap, the next step is to put the washer on.

The washer needs to go onto the thread so that it sits in the top tank when it’s installed. Once you've got the washer on the thread, pick up the top tank, and put the thread through the hole. Tighten the nut up on the bottom of the top tank. 

Tighten the nut so its nice and tight by hand. It can't be loose because if any water gets around it, it's not going to filter the water properly. 

4. Put the top tank in the bottom tank and flush the cartridge

Once you finish installing the cartridge, put the top tank inside of the bottom tank.

put the top tank in the bottom tank

Fill up the top tank with water and let that water filter to the bottom tank, and that is your first flush of the cartridge. I recommend you do this a few times to give the cartridge a good flush. 

You can use that water for whatever you want, just put it out in the garden or whatever you want to do. 

5. Once flushed, fill for your first drink of Filteroo Water 

first drink of Filteroo water

On the fourth time of filling your Filteroo, fill up the top tank, and you'll be able to drink that water. Put the lid, and your Filteroo is installed and flushed and ready for use. 

The Filteroo is super simple. If you have any questions, or we can help with anything, we are always here for you.

Have a great day.


Ludo Bertels

Ludo Bertels


I just received my12 L Filteroo. I am flushing the cartridge at the moment (first of the recommended 3 times) but it seems to drip through much slower than the expected 1 L /hour (more like a cup / hour). Any suggestions? Thanks.

kim clancy

kim clancy

Can you please tell how long the fliters last ,and the height from of the bottem of the tap to the bench when sitting on one .