Filteroo Cartridge Replacement Guide

Hello! Andrew here. Today, I am going to do a quick video on how to replace the cartridges for the Filteroo.
The process is super simple, and anyone can do it. You can apply this process on both Filteroo 10L and 12L.

Steps on How to Replace your Cartridge

1. Take the lid off and the top tank out of the bottom tank

filteroo lid

Simply take the lid off and take the top tank out of the bottom tank and leave it aside so you don’t bump it while you are changing the cartridge.

2. Take the old cartridge out of the top tank

take the cartridge out

Hold the cartridge from the plastic base, unscrew the nut underneath and pull the cartridge out. Throw the old cartridge into your general rubbish bin.

3. Take the new cartridge out of the box

take the cartridge out the box

Take off the outside sleeve and open the box inside. The cartridge will be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it, but we can use this bubble wrap to install it as well.

4. Use the bubble wrap to hold the cartridge while handling it

Just in the same way that we took the cartridge out, we want to use the bubble wrap to put the new cartridge in. 

5. Leave the washer on before putting the thread through the hole

leave the washer on

Ensure that the black washer is on the thread before you stick the thread through the hole in the top tank. 

6. Tighten the nut but not too tight

tighten the nut

Screw the nut on the bottom. You want to tighten it just so that you've got a good, firm grip on it so you can't push it any further by hand. 

7. Put the top tank back inside the bottom tank and flush the cartridge

put the top tank in the bottom tank

Once the candle is in, put the top tank in the bottom tank and flush it. To flush the cartridge, pour about three top tanks worth of water through the candle and then all that water's going to fall in the bottom tank.

8. Don’t waste the flushed water if possible

You can use that water on your garden or internal plants. If you notice any black carbon in the water that is fine. These candles have got carbon on the inside, and that is what we are flushing

9. Fill your Filteroo and take a drink! 

Once you've done that you can just fill it up. Put the lid on and put it back to wherever you have your beautiful Filteroo, and you're done.

So I hope that helps. That's how to change the cartridge for the Filteroo. Enjoy.