How to set up a Filteroo Blue 20L Benchtop Gravity Water Filter

Ensure you have a safe, clear area to work within. Ensure there is no danger or electrical hazards.

Open the box & remove the Filteroo Blue water filter and check all the parts have arrived in good condition with no damage. If you have any missing or damaged parts do not assemble the water filter, contact us so we can assist you as soon as possible. If you have any issues please feel free to contact us for assistance.
  1. Remove the parts from the box & place onto a flat surface.
  2. Sit the large blue bottom tank onto the white base with the tap hole above the flat front surface of the white base.
  3. Remove the tap locking nut & 1 x washer from the tap threaded stem & push the tap threaded stem through the hole in the bottom tank from the outside in ensuring there is 1 x washer on the threaded stem which will seal on the outside of the tap hole.
  4. Place the second washer over the threaded tap stem on the inside of the bottom tank & screw on the locking nut & tighten until tight. You may require a tool to tighten the locking nut tight enough so the tap seal does not leak.
  5. Remove the cartridge from the cartridge box and remove the plastic cover, inspect the cartridge has no cracks or damage. Take care not to touch the outside part of the cartridge with your bare hands.

For the Filteroo 5.5" Rain & City Carbon Block Gravity Water Filter Cartridge.

Follow the priming instructions inside the cartridge box to prime the cartridge prior to installation. Once the carbon cartridge is primed as per the instructions, remove the locking nut & leave the washer on the threaded stem. Insert the cartridge threaded stem through the hole in the top tank from the inside out. Tighten the locking nut onto the threaded stem on the underside of the top tank until tight. (Do not over tighten & strip the thread).  You do not require a second washer on the underside of the top tank.

For the Ultraceram ceramic

Hold the cartridge by the threaded stem under a flowing tap for 10 to 15 seconds to rinse off any loose ceramic fines. Once rinsed, remove the locking nut & insert the cartridge threaded stem through the hole in the top tank from the inside out. Ensure there is 1 x rubber washer on the threaded stem on the inside of the top tank. You do not require a second washer on the underside of the top tank. Once you insert the cartridge threaded stem through the hole in the top tank, screw on the locking nut and tighten until firm, hand tighten only. (Do not use a tool or over tighten the locking nut).

Once the cartridge is installed, place the top tank inside the bottom tank. Then sit the white lid on top & you are done with the installation.

Flushing your cartridge and mineral pad before use
  1. Once your filter is fully assembled, remove the lid & fill the top tank with approximately 10 litres of water, replace the lid & allow that water to filter down through the cartridge to collect into the bottom tank.
  2. Once all the water has filtered down into the bottom tank, drain all the water from the bottom tank, remove the top tank & wash the inside of the bottom tank incase of carbon fines washed in during the first flushing.
  3. Remove the mineral pad from the package, rinse the mineral pad under a flowing tap just quickly to remove any fines. Place the mineral pad inside the bottom tank onto the base of the water filter. Put the top tank back into place. Re-fill the top tank with water and replace the lid. Your Filteroo Blue gravity water filter is now in operation creating you nice filtered water.
  4. Once water filters down through the cartridge into the bottom tank, that water is good to use and consume. As there is room available in the top tank, continue to fill the top tank with water until both the bottom and top tanks are full. Continue to re -fill the top tank as the water filters down into the bottom tank and room is available to refill the top tank.
REMEMBER - The beauty of the Filteroo Blue is you can never overflow the Filteroo Blue. Its special design means the top tank can be filled by anyone, anytime and no water can ever leak out no matter how much water is in the bottom tank.

  • Never wash the cartridge with any detergents.
  • When the cartridge becomes covered in sediments and the water filtration flow rate slows down, you can simply scrub the outside of the cartridge with a New Scotch Brite scour pad to get it flowing again. (Never ever use a second hand or used scour pad or the fats from the scour pad will seal the cartridge and it will not work)
  • Follow the backwashing instructions & backwash the Filteroo carbon cartridge if required.
  • It is a good idea to wash out the bottom tank periodically with a light dishwashing detergent or Hydrosil and rinse well before reuse.
  • Replace the ceramic cartridge every 6 - 12 months or 2000 litres which ever comes first, replace the Filteroo carbon cartridge every 12 months or every 2200 litres which ever comes first.