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Berkey Vs Filteroo Steel Water Filters

Berkey Vs Filteroo Steel Water Filters

When you're looking for a great water filter system to provide your family with clean and safe drinking water, there are so many choices! Berkey and Filteroo are both stainless steel countertop water filters that look very similar from afar, so deciding between them can be difficult!

This Berkey Vs Filteroo comparison guide is for those who want the most included in their package, for the least amount of money.

Read on to find out which one is the pick above the other!

Berkey Vs Filteroo Steel

The two most popular water filters among medium-sized families between 1-4 people are the Big Berkey 8.5L (2.25 gallons) and its identical competitor, the Filteroo Steel 8L.

The Filteroo Steel features the same size holding capacity and design as a Berkey, but with other differences, you may find enticing - like cheaper prices, faster flow rate and more extras!

Berkey Water Filter

Berkey’s gravity water filters use cartridges called Black Berkey elements, which utilise the force of gravity to filter the water slowly. The cartridges are made up of 6 different media types, including a coconut shell carbon material, which, combined, contain millions of tiny pores. Of course, you have the option of paying extra for fluoride removal cartridges too!

You simply pour everyday tap water into the top chamber, and it drips down through the elements cartridges leaving pure water in the bottom storage chamber. As a result, over 200 contaminants are trapped inside the cartridges.

Filteroo Steel Water Filter

Filteroo's steel filters are very similar to Berkey’s - from the outside.

They function in the same way as a Berkey Water Filter, remove the same contaminants, except they are cheaper and come with extra inclusions, which the Berkey doesn’t.

The Filteroo Steel is supplied as a complete package, so you have everything you require to set up your Filteroo Steel and create magnificent tasting ALKALINE water from your tap water, including a solid stainless steel stand, stainless steel jug, stainless steel tap, pH elevation mineral pad, shower filter, and a stainless steel water bottle to take with you anywhere go.

On the inside, there are also two carbon block cartridges with world-class test results, removing all of the troubling contaminants that healthy families don’t like drinking. You also have the option of adding fluoride removal, just like the Berkey.

Suppose you’re after a more complete package, creating higher alkaline water. In that case, the Filteroo already trumps most Benchtop Gravity Water Filters on the market because of the mineral pad, which elevates the pH of your water.

Last but not least, the Filteroo stainless steel tap has a much faster flow rate, which makes all the difference when you're drinking 2-3L per day per person. 

Cartridge Performance

Contaminant removal is the key to clean water.

Both gravity filters have been independently lab tested and proven effective at removing more than 200 different contaminants, including;

  • bugs,
  • bacteria,
  • viruses,
  • chlorine,
  • chlorine by-products,
  • herbicides,
  • pesticides
  • heavy metals.

You can read more about the cartridge performance of both systems below:

Berkey Elements Cartridges

Berkey Fluoride Removal

Filteroo Rain & City Cartridges

Filteroo Max Fluoride Removal

Sizes Available​​

Berkey Sizes

Berkey’s current range of stainless steel countertop water filters come in 5 different sizes.

1.5 Gallons (5.8L)
2.25 Gallons (8.5L)
3.25 Gallons (12.3L)
4.5 Gallons (17L)
6 Gallons (22.7L)

As you can see, Berkey has a size for most situations you can imagine being in.

But as they say, size isn’t the most important thing - it’s how you use it that matters most.

If you have a very big family (more than 5 in the house) and don’t mind missing out on some of the added extras, then a Berkey may be a better choice.

Filteroo sizes

Filteroo’s current range of countertop water filters come in 3 different sizes.

6L (1.5 Gallons)
8L (2.1 Gallons)
12L (3.1 Gallons)

In most cases, the Filteroo will serve you magnificently, providing your home is not greater than five people.


Berkey Performance

Berkey Systems equipped with Black Berkey Purification Elements remove:

    • Viruses
    • Pathogenic bacteria
    • Chloramine
    • Trihalomethanes
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Most heavy metals
    • Pesticides 

Filteroo Performance

Filteroo systems are equipped with the powerful Filteroo rain & city water carbon block cartridges which are the perfect solution for filtering both untreated rainwater from a water storage tank AND for town & city water from the tap that has been treated with chlorine & chemicals.

The Filteroo removes;

    • bugs,
    • bacteria,
    • viruses,
    • chlorine,
    • chlorine by-products,
    • herbicides,
    • pesticides
    • heavy metals.

Filteroo really is a powerhouse compared to the Berkey when it comes to performance and actually using it when it counts. People really do appreciate the much faster flow rate when filling water bottles.

If your concern is water quality and purity, both Berkey and Filteroo steel will not disappoint when it comes to what they protect you against, and they are virtually on par.


You’ll notice some significant differences between the Berkey and the Filteroo Steel when it comes to price.

To compare apples with apples, we look at the prices for the three most common sizes our customers look for 6L, 8L and 12L.

Berkey Price

On the most popular size, you’ll pay $575 for the Big Berkey.

Replacement per 2 cartridges: $249.95

Replacement fluoride removal cartridges: $139

Cartridge package: $379.95 (2 x carbon block, 2 x fluoride removal)

Included extras: None

$525 - 5.8L (1.5 Gal)
$575 - 8.5L (2.25 Gal)
$640- 12.3L (3.25 Gal)
$700 - 17L (4.5 Gal)
$750 - 22.7L (6 Gal)

Filteroo Price

The most popular sized Filteroo Steel is the 8L, and you’ll pay $419 for that and receive the added extras valued at $99.98.

The list of bonuses include:

    • a stainless steel stand,
    • stainless steel jug,
    • stainless steel tap,
    • pH elevation mineral pad,
    • shower filter,
    • stainless steel water bottle to take with you on the go.

Replacement per 2 cartridges: $139.99

Replacement fluoride removal cartridges: $124.99

Cartridge package: $274.99 (2 x carbon block, 2 x fluoride removal AND mineral pad)

$369.00 - 6L (1.5 Gallons)
$419.00 - 8L (2.1 Gallons)
$469.00 - 12L (3.1 Gallons)


Your decision will most likely come down to the size you need for your family and if you want the included extras or not. Those are the most significant differences when it comes to Berkey Vs Filteroo Steel.

Price - On the most popular model, the Filteroo will save you $156 upfront and a maximum of $104.96 every year after that (with the cartridge replacement packs).

Filteroo is the winner for price, saving you more money on your purchase no matter which size you buy, and you’ll save more every year after that when it comes time to buy your replacement cartridges.

Performance - both water filters are on par with each other, removing bacteria, viruses, chlorine, metals, and both have the option of additional fluoride removal cartridges at an extra cost.

Both come with two excellent, fast-flowing carbon block cartridges with the option of fluoride removal.

However, the Filteroo is a step up above Berkey because it creates ALKALINE water, thanks to the free pH elevation mineral pad.

Added Extras - The Filteroo comes with far more extras than any other water filter on the market, let alone the Berkey systems.

With a list of must-haves provided, you could even say Filteroo is the ultimate Benchtop Water Filter Package.

Every Filteroo comes with a solid stainless steel stand, stainless steel jug, stainless steel tap, pH elevation mineral pad, shower filter, and a stainless steel water bottle.

Berkey are yet to offer extras with their Complete Systems.

Materials - Berkey and Filteroo are solid, reputable brands that use high-quality 304-grade stainless steel. However, the Filteroo comes with a stainless steel tap, whereas the Berkey tap is plastic.

Installation & Ease of Use - Both water filters are easy to install at home without the help of a plumber and can be done within 10-15 minutes.

Using a benchtop gravity filter could not be easier. Simply fill the top tank and wait a few hours, and you’ve got delicious pure water to drink.

Warranty - Both Berkey and Filteroo provide 12 months warranty.

If you want more bang for your buck, Filteroo is the clear winner.


Our #1 Pick: Filteroo Steel (of course).

The Filteroo Steel was uniquely designed to offer far more value to families than any other Countertop Water Filter in the marketplace.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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