What’s The Big Deal With Alkaline Water Filters?

Alkaline water filters are popular for health-conscious people, the anti-aging and biohacking crowds and even elite athletes.

Alkaline water is said to counteract extra acidity in the body. Other significant advantages include:

      • Restored Ph balance in the body
      • Increased Energy Levels
      • Deeper Hydration
      • Reduce Signs of Aging

What Is Alkaline Water?

Water is considered alkaline if it has a pH reading above 7 (7 is neutral on the pH scale).

Alkaline water has a higher pH level than normal drinking water.

Normal drinking water should have a pH of 7.

There are many health benefits to drinking alkaline water.

Do Alkaline Water Filters Really Work?

You bet. You can get the pH of your water up to 9pH so long as you add the right minerals and enough minerals. When utilising a pH elevation mineral pad with your water filter, you can guarantee your water is between 8.5 - 9pH - just the way the body prefers it!

You can use a water pH test kit to find out the pH of your water before and after the water goes through your water filter and mineral pad. 

Our Filteroo Blue and Filteroo Stainless Steel collections create alkaline water, and the mineral pad comes as a FREE bonus with your Filteroo.

Another way you can find out how effective alkaline water is, is to test it yourself

Alkaline Water Testing

Eat a consistent diet and measure your first morning urine every day for 1 week.

After the first week, add in a generous amount of alkaline water for another week and continue testing your first morning urine pH levels.

If your urine was below 6.5 in the first week, and increased during the second week then it's safe to say your alkaline water is doing the job. 

Benefits Of Alkaline Water

There are numerous fantastic health benefits to drinking alkaline water that have also been scientifically proven.

Some of these benefits include;

      • improved bone density and strength,
      • improved acid reflux,
      • reduced blood pressure,
      • reduced blood sugar,
      • and lower cholesterol.

Enhanced hydration is also among the scientifically proven benefits of alkaline water. In addition, intake of alkaline water shows an increase in pH during exercise.