Gravity Benchtop Water Filters are an affordable and effective way to get purified drinking water at home.

Gravity benchtop water filters work with the force of gravity, which moves ordinary tap water from a top container, down through a filtration medium, down into a storage container while removing harmful chemicals and particles that could make you sick, like bacteria.

While the water is being moved down, contaminants are being stopped and only clean drinking water flows through to the bottom holding tank.

How a Gravity Water Filter Works:

      1. Add water to the top insert (upper chamber).
      2. The water passes through the filter's microporous ceramic wall, removing suspended solids and bacteria.
      3. The water will then drip into the storage container at one litre an hour.

The Pros and Cons of Gravity Fed Benchtop Water Filters


      • Needs no plumbing or electricity
      • Saves money (water costs about 3 cents a litre)
      • An attractive addition to home or office
      • Replacement parts available


      • Filtration process is slow
      • Limitation of cartridge choices
      • Water availability runs out, need to keep re-filling every day.

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