Countertop Water Filters are well known for their simple yet effective way of transforming standard tap water into magnificent drinking water by removing common contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, heavy metals and more.

Poor tasting drinking water is a common problem that most people tolerate until they realise there are simple solutions available.

What is a countertop water filter?

Countertop water filters provide delicious, purified water for the whole family, no matter where you are. Our countertop filtration systems are available in ceramic, steel and BPA free plastic.

Unlike water filter pitcher jugs, countertop water filters use a range of cartridges with various filtration capabilities; from eliminating bacteria, sediment and chlorine while reducing fluoride and more troubling contaminants.

Countertop filtration systems can be installed wherever you need access to water. While many countertop water filter options are gravity fed, many people also go for other styles of Benchtop Water Filters that attach to the kitchen faucet.

They are conveniently designed to take up as little space on the counter as possible, requiring as little interference with plumbing as well.

How To Select The Right Countertop Water Filter

1. Decide What Contaminants You Want Removed

Most people are pretty happy about getting rid of chlorine, bacteria, sediment, heavy metals and fluoride. Those are the big ones, they cause many issues with people’s health and nobody likes drinking out of a glass full of pool water!

This leaves you with the cartridges you need for your countertop water filter dispenser.

2. Select a cartridge

You’ll notice there are four main cartridges to choose from, including Ultraceram, Doulton Super Sterasyl and the Filteroo Rain & City Water cartridge.

The Filteroo Max Fluoride Removal Cartridge is only for the Filteroo Steelroo Stainless Steel Water Filter.

3. Choose a style of countertop water filter.

There are three styles to choose from:

Stainless Steel

The Steelroo is a strong, robust, stainless steel gravity water filter made from the best quality 304 stainless steel available, complete with a stainless steel stand, filling jug & fast flowing tap.

All Filteroo Steel water filters are hand-welded by low heat welders with a professional finish.

The strength and quality of the handcrafted stainless still is always the first thing that people notice.

BPA Free Plastic

The Filteroo Blue Gravity water filter is a robust and virtually indestructible water filter that creates excellent quality water as it filters down through the world-class cartridge provided with the filter. Featuring a massive 20L leak-proof storage tank, this family benchtop gravity filter will provide beautiful tasting water for many years to come.

When you combine one of the best gravity water filtration cartridges in the world with a strong, intentionally designed BPA free leak-proof gravity water filter, you have a guaranteed and reliable system to create good quality healthy water.


The Filteroo Original units are compact, portable and incredibly easy to use and set up. They come in a range of sizes, styles and even colors. Check out the Filteroo Original or Filteroo Slim to see the beautiful time pieces.


As always, if you need any assistance we are just a phone call away.

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