Why Do I Need To Filter Rain Water?

Why Do I Need To Filter Rain Water?

When you collect rainwater, it’s essential to ensure it’s filtered before you drink it, so you aren’t consuming any of the common contaminants with rainwater.

When you might be tempted to drink it as it is like other people, here are two perfectly good reasons to filter your rainwater.


Bacteria Grows in Rainwater And Rainwater Tanks

By the time you’re sipping the water, it’s been through dirt, leaves, dust, insects, bugs, etc.

There could have been some bird droppings floating in it before it ran off the roof.


Rainwater Has a LOW pH

Rainwater has a pH value of about 5.0 - 5.5, which is acidic.

We don’t want to be drinking acidic water because it strips the body of minerals.

That’s why the Filteroo Water Filters come with the pH Mineral Pad.

The perfect solution for contaminated rainwater is a Filteroo Benchtop Water Filter.


How To Purify Rainwater

A carbon block water filter is the perfect solution for purifying rainwater.

A Benchtop Gravity Water Filter such as the Filteroo Steel or Filteroo Blue is a great way to remove 99% of harmful bacteria, bugs and other contaminants from your rainwater, such as herbicides, pesticides or heavy metals that may wash in from your roof.

The Filteroo Rain & City cartridge uses a carbon block to remove contaminants from your drinking water.

Simply pour your rainwater into the top of your benchtop gravity water filter and let it flow down into the holding tank.​​

A Benchtop Gravity Water Filter is simple to set up and maintain and can be moved around easily; great if you are renting or camping.