Chlorine is a highly corrosive and very harsh chemical. People who have had chlorine on their hands will probably remember the burning sensation.

Chlorine is used all around the world for water treatment.

The biggest application of chlorine lies with its ability to break down organic materials like bacteria and bugs found in swimming pools and spas, so you’re not exposed to harmful contaminants when you're taking a dip!


Is There Chlorine In Drinking Water?

Unless you have a well which you draw water from, or your water supply falls out of the sky, onto the roof and down into your rainwater tank, your drinking water is likely going to be freshly chlorinated by your local water treatment plant.

Water has to get clean somehow! Otherwise, we’d all be getting sick from drinking dirty water.


How Chlorine Gets In Our Drinking Water

When chlorine is added to water, it breaks down into smaller chemicals that attack the bacteria and microorganisms in the water. These chemicals then form a bond called trihalomethanes, which are carcinogenic. As you can see, the snowball effect begins.

In Australia alone, over 2000 toxic chemicals have been recorded in Australian drinking water supplies, many of which are linked to illnesses, nerve disorders and even cancer.


Water Treatment Facilities 

Water treatment plants are not designed to remove these toxic chemicals.

Not to mention, your local treatment plant is guilty of adding the first chemical we mentioned - chlorine!

That’s why it’s up to us to remove these harmful chemicals, contaminants and chlorine ourselves, so we can stay healthy, happy and strong for as long as possible.


Our Top Recommendations For Removing Chlorine From Your Drinking Water

A water filter effortlessly removes chlorine and chloramines from your drinking water with the simplest water filtration technology. 

With all of our cartridges, you will effortlessly remove 99.99% of chlorine from your drinking water. 

Filteroo Steelroo

The Steelroo is a robust stainless steel gravity water filter made from the best quality 304 stainless steel you can get and comes complete with a stainless steel stand, filling jug & fast flowing tap.

The Filteroo City and Rain Water cartridges are among the absolute best in the water filtration industry. The Steelroo can be fitted with a Filteroo Max Fluoride removal cartridge for added protection against damage from toxic fluoride.

Filteroo Blue

The Filteroo Blue Gravity Water Filter is a robust, 20-litre gravity-fed family benchtop unit with an impeccable track record of providing beautiful tasting drinking water with 99.99% chlorine removed.

If you are filtering rainwater, the Ultraceram cartridge is fantastic as it will stop all the bugs & bacteria in the water and protect you from any herbicides, pesticides or lead that may wash in from your roof.

For treated city water, the Filteroo Blue has a super high removal rate for common contaminants like fluoride, chlorine & chloramine, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides and more.

You’ll be able to find the test results here.