Filteroo Blue Gravity Water Purifier with Ultraceram Fluoride Removal Cartridge

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Filteroo Blue 20L Gravity Water Purifier with Ultraceram Fluoride Removal Cartridge

FILTEROO Blue gravity water filters are strong & robust with a touch of class...

What is the Filteroo Blue?

This Filteroo Blue Gravity water filter is a strong robust virtually indestructible water filter that creates very good quality water as it filters down through the world class cartridge provided with the filter.

 When you combine one of the best gravity water filtration cartridges in the world with a strong intentionally designed leak proof gravity water filter, you have a guaranteed reliable system to create good healthy water. This is a fantastic way to clean & store your water before you drink it.

If your water is chemical treated water from the tap, this filter will clean your water and has the test results to prove that.

The Filteroo filtration process is a gentle, slow, gravity process that ensures your water has the required contact time with the filter media, so you are filtering your water correctly to remove the contaminants we do not want to be consuming.

The water created from a Filteroo Blue gravity water filter has all the nasty contaminants removed but leaves the good healthy minerals in the water for your consumption. So no matter where you live, the Filteroo Blue will clean your water, leaving in the healthy minerals, making it taste clean, filtered & fresh.

Filteroo Blue

Why Are The Filteroo Blue So Special?

  • They are designed so they can never be over filled or overflow
  • They will never leak onto your benchtop
  • Created from the best quality food grade plastic 
  • Fully guaranteed against workmanship & will never rust
  • Quality world class cartridge filtration
  • Supplied complete with a moulded stand & fast flowing tap
  • Free pH elevation mineral pad & shower filter

Much More Than Just A Water Filter

The Filteroo Blues are supplied as a complete package so you have everything you require to set up your Filteroo & start to create the best water you can from your own home.

You get a strong, robust, long-lasting gravity water filter with a world-class cartridge. Complete with a quality high flow rate tap and a solid moulded stand to elevate your tap so your glass can fit under the tap for filling.

Then last but not least, a free pH Elevation pad with good healthy minerals to elevate the water pH level to alkaline & a shower filter to clean your shower water so you will have softer skin & nice shiny soft hair.

Available in a massive 20 litre size so there is plenty of water to go round. A very simple process water filter anyone can assemble & operate with ease. Highly recommended for families, offices or anywhere that requires a large volume of filtered gravity water every day. There is no reason to run out of clean filtered water ever again.

How Are The Filteroo Blue's Created?

The Filteroo Blue has been purposely designed & manufactured to be the most user friendly gravity water filter possible. These quality food grade water purifiers are designed to give the owner the best water filtration experience possible from a gravity water filter.

The filters are created with only seven simple separate parts, so they are very easy to assemble and operate. Each piece sits neatly into the other to create a solid, robust filtration system. The stand, the bottom tank, the top tank & the top, the inner lid, cartridge & tap.

It’s comforting to know that the Filteroo Blue is so strong that you can transport it anywhere you go. It would take a deliberate act of malicious intent to damage this water filter.

Simply pick up your water filter, and away you go!

With your new transportable water filter system, you can take world-class water everywhere you go. What a great way to live!

The Filteroo Blue will create beautiful drinking water for you when you go out for adventures and even when you stop to sleep.

The filter body is a non-toxic food grade plastic. Not a hard breakable polycarbonate, but a food grade Tupperware style plastic container. The nice smooth surface both inside & out makes it very easy to wipe them clean. 

As these filters are made from a food grade material, very strong & durable, they are a great container for storing water.

Why Choose A Filteroo Blue Water Filter?

While there are many positive reasons to purchase a Filteroo Blue gravity water filter over other brands, this water filter has been created by Filteroo Australia to include everything a gravity water filter owner requires. Everything you require has been added into this complete filtration package ready for you to start creating quality water yourself.

All Filteroo Blue water filters are created from the best quality food grade plastic, professionally moulded with a professional finish. They are strong & solid with a full guarantee. As soon as you unpack your filter you will feel the strength & quality of your system.

They fit together perfectly to create a solid structure. Almost anyone can easily install the world class cartridge. So you can filter fluoride & chemical treated water supplied from the water board, the Filteroo Blue & cartridge will take care of the filtration for you.

The tap is a good quality plastic lock on tap, which comes standard with every system which is a much better quality tap than the little plastic taps normally provided with a gravity water filter.

The complete system sits on top of the strong moulded stand supplied with each filter, so you have the clearance to fill your glass with water without hassles. On saying that, if height is an issue you are able to remove the stand & sit the water filter itself directly onto the bench top.

And then to top off the deal, you will receive free of charge a mineral pH elevation pad to sit inside the base of the bottom tank, so all your water will have extra minerals added to the water which will also elevate the pH of the water to ensure you are drinking Alkaline water not acidic water.

Then just when you thought well that's a great deal, we have also added a free shower filter so once you taste the great taste of chemical free water, you can also install your own free shower filter to enjoy a chemical free shower as well. Softer hair & skin from a chemical free shower filter is a lovely feeling indeed.

With a smooth shiny finish inside & out, cleaning or wiping over the filter is made very easy.

The Filteroo Blue has a massive holding capacity of 20 litres when completely full. It can never be overfilled nor can it overflow. If the kids come home & decide to fill this filter. You can relax, they can not overflow or break this beauty. 

Created to fit on top of the bench in any room required. The height is chosen to fit just under overhead cupboards so they function well in your home. All our water purifiers come with a full guarantee.


The filter comes with an excellent clean white base, a see-through blue moulded body with a white top lid.

Quality You Can Rely On

When you're looking for more than just a water filter, the Filteroo Blue gravity water filters are a great choice. Fully guaranteed to perform as they are supposed to. Very reliable, nothing to break.

Our Journey To Find The Best Food Grade Gravity Water Filter We Could!

Now please don't think we just grabbed the first plastic gravity water filter we could find. Nothing could be further from the truth. The honest truth is we started to purchase plastic gravity water filters from all over the world many years ago. 

That is when the real fun started and the issues began to show. After years of trials we now believe the Filteroo Blue is the best food grade plastic gravity water filter we could find anywhere in the world.

Please note, we have been trying to source good quality plastic gravity water filters for years. But they all have issues, and some of those are major issues and are not good for your health long term. 

The first biggest issue we found was we were unable to obtain any certification that any of the plastic water filters are BPA free. Most often the body of the plastic water filters is a hard polycarbonate type plastic, which is the type of plastic that is made with BPA.

The next big issue was every time someone added more water into the top tank than there was room for storage in the bottom tank, water overflowed everywhere. That is one of the worst issues with 99% of plastic gravity water filters on the market today. They will overflow on your bench top at some time. That is why the Filteroo Blue is designed with the top tank inside the bottom tank so you will never have any leaks on your benchtop no matter who fills your water filter.

Other smaller issues we faced with the normal plastic water filters on the market were the taps are cheap and nasty & can break easily. The filter body can get hard & brittle & breakdown over time. They are just not made to last for the long term.

 But we are now so confident we guarantee to you that your Filteroo Blue gravity water filter will not rust, leak or let you down.

Who Is It For?

The Filteroo Blue gravity water purifiers do create fantastic quality water and lots of it. But what you need to think about is how much water do you require? Although these systems do filter the water slowly, they are able to create up to 20 litres per day at the 1 litre per hour flow rate for 1 x cartridge. 

So just make sure the system will create enough water for your home to use. 20 litres per day is a lot of filtered water which can be used for drinking, cooking or washing. Suitable for a family home, or an office or business lunchroom. These filters would be fantastic for professionals waiting rooms to provide a nice filtered water drink for the customers.

Be Aware

Beware - Not all gravity water filters are the same. We learnt that the hard way.

A little industry trick is some suppliers will advertise they have 12 or 24 litre gravity water filters. This is only correct IF the bottom tank will hold those volumes of water. As most plastic gravity water filters have the top tank sitting on top of the bottom tank, so the maximum volume of water these filters can hold is only the volume the bottom tank will hold.

So when you see a 12 litre system, that is really a 6 litre bottom tank holding capacity. A 24 litre is really only holding 12 litres of water inside the bottom holding tank.

If you fill any gravity water filter with more water than the bottom tank can hold, the excess water can leak out onto the bench.

But not the Filteroo Blue, you will never overflow the Filteroo Blue, you can keep filling the top tank until the system is full to the brim holding a guaranteed 20 litres for all to enjoy, but it still will not leak.

World-class Filtration with minerals Retained

Ultraceram Cartridge

Cartridge Information

The beauty of the Ultraceram cartridges is they create the perfect filtration solution for town & city water from the tap that has been treated with chlorine, chemicals and fluoride.

To start, the water filters down through the ceramic outer shell removing any bugs, bacteria & sediments from the water.

Then the water slowly passes through the carbon media inside the ceramic outer shell which  will greatly reduce herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, chloramines, taste & odour from the water.

So you get very nice tasty drinking water for your home. Carbon is internationally recognized by institutions that provide quality assurance on safe and pure drinking water. A great asset for any Australian water filter.

Carbon is a fantastic way to clean & polish up water so it tastes the best it can.


  • Highly efficient bacteriological filtration.
  • The incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure inhibits the growth of bacteria and gives enhanced bacteriostatic and self sterilizing properties.
  • The carbon inside the cartridge has a massive surface area for effective filtration providing fresh tasting water without any unpleasant taste or odour.
  • Removes bugs, bacteria, chlorine, chloramine, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals & fluoride.

Product Specifications

  • The Filteroo Blue total holding capacity is 20 litres
  • Cartridge height - 127mm
  • Cartridge diameter - 70mm
  • Cartridge threaded stem length - 34mm
  • Cartridge threaded stem thread diameter - 12.5mm
  • Cartridge Life span - 6 to 12 months or 2000 litres
  • Flow rate is around 1 litre per hour depending on water quality
  • 354(L) x 360 (W) x 465 (H) (Assembled)

Test Results

    How to Rinse & Install Filteroo Mineral Pad

    What's In The Box

    • 1 x White moulded stand
    • 1 x Bottom tank
    • 1 x Gravity tap
    • 1 x Top tank
    • 1 x Flat top lid
    • 1 x Inner lid
    • 1 x Ultraceram gravity water filtration cartridge
    • 1 x pH elevation mineral pad
    • 1 x Chrome deluxe shower filter

      What Makes This Product Unique

      It is the slow filtration that removes the contaminants so well whilst at the same time retaining the healthy minerals in the water for us to consume. Combine that with the strong indestructible housing and the fact this water filter will never overflow or leak. And you have a gravity water filter supplied with everything you require to set it up and use with extra bonuses to make it extra special.

      When not used

      If the filter is left to stand for more than 3 - 4 days without use, it is recommended that one litre of water be allowed to flow through the cartridge to waste before using.

      Cleaning the Cartridge

      NEVER wash the cartridge with detergents or used scour pads.

      Simply remove the cartridge from the top tank when the flow rate slows & scrub the outside of the cartridge whilst holding under a flowing tap. For best results scrub with a new Scotch Brite scour pad or some 100 grit sandpaper.

      Cleaning the System

      It is a good idea to dismantle the filter system as required and give it a quick wash over with light dishwashing liquid or Hydrosil & rinse off well. Dry before re - assemble.

      Fully Disposable Cartridges

      Wrap your worn out cartridges up in old newspaper and place into your rubbish bin.


      Free Shipping for all Filteroo Blue’s to Anywhere in Australia.

      Ready-made and available for immediate despatch.

      Packaged well to survive the journey to your home so they arrive in the best possible condition.

      Guaranteed to be intact in good condition on arrival.

      But in the unlikely event your water purifier was damaged in transit we have full insurance to cover your product for you and we will replace any damaged items at our cost.

      Replacement Parts or Breakages

      You can relax knowing that if in the unlikely event you have any issues or breakages we will be here to assist you with replacements. All Filteroo gravity water filters can have any parts replaced or recreated as required. Just let us know how we can assist you?

      Free Delivery Australia Wide