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Grander Revitalising Board

Now You can change your dead tap water into LIVE Structured Grander Revitalised Water

THE WAY NATURE INTENDED - More available Oxygen - Finer Water Providing Better Hydration

CREATE the BEST Water You can...

Unfortunately, our water is not as good as it was 20 or 30 years ago. Our water has become damaged from the chemicals introduced and the pollution in the atmosphere. To create the best water you can we require more than just a water filter nowadays. This Grander board is sending a Signal which is a frequency which is a vibration, that opens up the clustered molecular structure of the water, allowing trapped contaminants out and oxygen in, now we have biologics at play and the water is repairing itself as nature intended. The new treated Structured revitalised water is live, which is a much finer water we can absorb so we get hydrated properly with more available oxygen for the human body.

The change in this new live water is permanent unless the water is poisoned again.

What I found so amazing about the water once it had been placed on the Grander board apart from the taste & how Fast my body absorbed the water was how that water was then able to treat, revitalise and bring other water and products to life.

What happens is when you get a bottle of water and place it on the Grander board for 40 minutes, you can then take that bottle of water and place it in your fridge, what you will find is the Grander water will revitalise your milk so it will last for a week longer in the fridge.

Your fruit and vegetables will become revitalised also and not only will they last longer in your fridge they will cook and taste better also. You can sit your fruit and vegetables directly onto the Grander board and when you eat the products you will find they are much sweeter and taste better than the normal untreated products.

When you keep your flowers in Grander water they a lot longer and the water does not smell

Plants grow better with Grander water

Animals drink more water when it is Grander water

Pig farms have higher pregnancy rates and the smell is subdued

Chicken farms increase growth rates from 84 grams up to 124 grams just with Grander water

Are you starting to see the amazing benefits this device creates?

If this water can bring things to life just by being close to them just imagine how happy and healthy your insides will be when you start to consume LIVE Grander water all the time.

Seriously, folks, this is what water is supposed to be like.



  • The Grander board treats up to 3 Litres of liquid placed on the board

  • It is portable, light weight and ideal for travel.

  • You can use it to revitalise water, tea, coffee, juice, wine, & food.

  • The Grander board is very user-Friendly & You can even sleep with it

  • Ideally, add a water filter before you use the board to ensure you get the best tasting water as well

Did you know..?

  • Water has memory and stores information

  • Water sends and receives a signal

  • Every water molecule remembers everything it comes in contact with in its existance

  • Water stores both negative and positive energies

  • If we poison our water we are poisoning ourselves

  • Water can lose its vitality - But we can put it back

  • Water is your lifeblood

  • If you change the water that you Consume - You are changing your whole body


  • Try Revitalising fruit juice, milk, wine, coffee, tea - you can even place a bowl of vegetables, fruits, meat or jelly on the board.

  • Place a sealed 1 Litre bottle of Revitalised Water in your fridge next to your milk and in your crisper - how long does your milk and vegetables last now?

  • Where possible use filtered water with the Revitalising Board.

  • Wash fruit and vegetables in Revitalised Water before use.

  • Use Revitalised Water in your cooking ie. cakes, jelly, yoghurt etc.


A. Does It Wear Out?

  • The grander Revitalising Board has an indefinite lifespan.

B. Can I use the Board Separately?

  • Yes, the board can be used on a variety of liquids and food, refer to Revitalising Board Features.

C. How long do I leave food on the Board?

  • Leave food on the Revitalising Board approximately 30 minutes but the longer the better. meat and Chicken will become softer and more flexible.

D. How do I make a cup of tea or coffee?

  • Simply pour revitalised water into your kettle/jug to boil. The boiling will unstructure the water but then the signal will pull the structure back together.


  • DO NOT immerse the Revitalising Board in any type of water, especially not boiling or freezing water.

  • DO NOT subject to extreme temperatures ie. place in fridge of greezer or direct sunlight.

  • DO NOT place the Revitalising Board in the WASHING MACHINE, DISHWASHER, Over In or near a MICROWAVE.

  • Always wipe dry after use.

  • Use protective cloth on the Revitalising Board to protect it from heat and scratching.

  • Not adhering to instructions of use will null and void the warranty.

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