Filteroo Slim Gravity Fed Stoneware Water Filter - Light Green

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Doulton Super Sterasyl Candle
Ultraceram Fluoride Removal Cartridge

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Filteroo Slim Gravity Fed Stoneware Water Filter - Light Green

FILTEROO - Stoneware gravity water filters made by hand on the potters wheel with a touch of class...


This 10 litre Filteroo gravity water filter is just a magnificent work of art that will stand out on your bench top. A talking point for all who visit you and a fantastic way to clean your water before you drink it.

Regardless if your water type is rainwater from a water tank or chemical treated water from the tap, this filter will clean your water and has the test results to prove that.

The Filteroo filtration process is a gentle, slow, drip by drip process that ensures your water has the required contact time with the filter media, so you are filtering your water correctly to remove the contaminants we do not want to be consuming.

The water created from a Filteroo gravity water filter has all the nasty contaminants removed but leaves any good healthy minerals in the water for your consumption. So no matter where you live, the Filteroo will clean your water, leaving in the healthy minerals, making it taste the best it can be.


  • Handmade by world-class potters on the potters wheel
  • Produced at an organic certified farm right here in Australia
  • Created from the best quality stoneware clay & glazes available
  • The water just tastes great
  • Free delivery Australia wide


A water filter which is a work of art that will be a talking point with your guests. Available in a range of colours. A magnificent Australian icon which will be a stand out in any room. Make a statement in your home with a Filteroo today.


Each Filteroo is personally handmade in Australia by the potter on the potters wheel from the best quality stoneware clay available and kiln fired to cone 10, which is around 1280 degree Celsius. These great quality water purifiers have been purposely designed to give the owner the best water filtration experience possible from a gravity water filter.

The filters are created in 4 separate parts so they are very easy to assemble and operate. Each part sits neatly into the other to create a strong sturdy filtration system.

It is comforting to know that the top and bottom tank configurations have been purposely designed so you can fill the top tank to the brim and there is no worries of any leaking between the tanks.

What that means is you just fill it up and go on your way while the filter creates magnificent drinking water for you. It will create beautiful drinking water for you while you sleep.

The filter body is finally coated with a non-toxic glaze. The nice smooth surface created both inside & out makes it very easy to wipe them clean.

As these filters are hand made, the walls are thicker than mould or machine produced filters, so these are the perfect container for storing water. The thicker clay walls have the natural ability to store the water at a nice drinkable temperature, even on those hot summer days.


While there are many positive reasons to purchase a Filteroo gravity water filter over other brands, some real highlights are you can not overflow your Filteroo.

The Filteroo is designed to have quality gravity cartridges installed into the top tank to provide you with any gravity water filtration type you desire. So you can filter rainwater from a water tank or chemical treated water supplied from the water board, the Filteroo & cartridge will take care of the filtration for you.

The inside of the housing is coated with a colourless felspar silicate glaze, nonlead with no leachable ingredients, so you have peace of mind you have a good healthy water supply with no contamination.

Smooth glazed finish inside & out, so cleaning or wiping over is very easy.

The outside is coloured from a variety of metal oxides in a range of colours so you can choose the best colour for your situation.

The tap is a quality stainless steel tap that comes standard with every system.

Available in the 2 most common sizes requested, a slimline 10 litre and a larger 12 litre. Weights vary slightly as all filters are personally handmade.

Created to fit on top of the bench in any room required. The height is chosen to fit just under overhead cupboards so they function well in your home. All our water purifiers come with a separate ceramic stand so you can fill directly from the filters stainless steel tap.


The filters come in a magnificent range of the most popular colours. If you would like any special orders please contact to us and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements. 


When you're looking for more than just a water filter, the Filteroo gravity water filters are a great choice. Fully guaranteed to perform as they are supposed to.



The Filteroo filters are hand thrown on the potter's wheel by renowned Queensland potter Peter Wallace, known for his superb craft and outstanding glazes, he has been potting since 1972.

Peter had an amazing apprenticeship you might say to make him the world-class potter he is today. From humble beginnings, Peter had the opportunity to spend time with the great Australian artist, the late Pro Hart who also lived in Broken Hill at the time. With encouragement from Pro Hart, Peter was on his way to make a living from the art he loved, creating products from and working with clay.

Be advised these water filters are individually handmade for customers, so they are all unique in some way.


The Filteroo gravity water purifiers do create fantastic quality water. But what you need to think about is how much water do you require? Although these systems do filter the water slowly, they are able to create up to 24 litres per day at the 1 litre per hour flow rate. But being realistic they would be more likely to create half that volume of water if filled when required. So just make sure this will create enough water for your home to use. These filters would be suitable for drinking water for up to a 3 or 4 person home. This is the slim line 10 litre size. There is also a larger wider 12 litre model available if you require more water each day.


Beware cheap or Terra cotta water purifiers which are low fired and are not glazed inside & out, they can almost always have a clay taste & be difficult to clean. These Filteroo products here are high fired stoneware. They are glazed inside and out, so you will never have a clay or earthy taste with this brand. They are nice and smooth inside for the best water quality & wipeing clean.

The Filtration is your choice:

OPTION 1: Doulton Super Sterasyl Ceramic Water Filter Candle for Gravity Urn Water Filters cartridge

Cartridge Information

This is a gravity water filtration cartridge which is sometimes called a candle, it is used to filter water for any gravity water filter. Just ensure the cartridge stem fits into the hole in the top tank, so long as the filter top tank has a minimum hole size of 12.5mm or a maximum hole size around 20mm this cartridge is perfect. (Note: You can drill or file the hole in your water filter tank to be 12.5mm if required.)

Highly recommended for rain water & water supplies treated with chlorine. If your water is treated with Chloramine or contains Fluoride you might want to check out the Ultraceram cartridge instead.

This Doulton Super Sterasyl cartridge is manufactured by Fairey Industrial Ceramics LTD in England. It is a two stage cartridge combining the highly efficient filtration properties of ceramic, with the enhanced water treatment properties of activated carbon.

It is a highly efficient ceramic microfilter which provides genuine sub micron filtration to your drinking water.

It carries a filtration efficiency of >99.99% at 0.9 micron absolute and >99.9% efficiency at 0.5 - 0.8 micron.

The carbon media used inside the ceramic outer shell is in a granular form to provide superior filtration. It will greatly reduce herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, taste & odour from the water. So you get nice tasty drinking water for your home.

Doulton ceramic products guarantee high-quality materials where performance is never compromised.

The Doulton Ceramic Cartridge is certified by internationally recognized institutions that provide quality assurance on safe and pure drinking water.

This cartridge can be used to replace the filter cartridge for the following filter systems:

A Genuine Water Filter Made in Britain

    2-Stage Filtration Process within the 1 Cartridge

    Stage 1 - Doulton Sterasyl Ceramic

    This stage filters fine particulate matter, bacteria, cysts and turbidity. The incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure gives enhanced bacteriostatic and self sterilising properties.

    Stage 2 - (GAC) Granular Activated Carbon

    An inner core of activated carbon removes chlorine and organic compounds.


    • Highly efficient bacteriological filtration.

    • The incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure inhibits the growth of bacteria and gives enhanced bacteriostatic and self sterilizing properties.

    • Granulated form of carbon increases available surface area for effective filtration – providing fresh tasting water without any unpleasant taste or odour.

    • NSF standards approved.

    Product Specifications

    This cartridge is 127mm in height & 67mm in diameter

    The cartridge stem thread that holds the cartridge into place is 12.5mm in diameter and 34mm in length

    Weight 0.296 kg’s

    FLOW RATE 1 litre per hour

    Test Results

    • CYST REDUCTION (Cryptosporidium & Giardia) >99.999%
    • REMOVES Algae, Rust, Sediment & Suspended Solids >99.99%
    • REDUCES HARMFUL BACTERIA ( Ecoli, Cholera, Shigella, Salmonella, Klebsiella) >99.99%
    • REMOVES Guinea Worm 100%
    • REDUCTION Chlorine >95%
    • ABSOLUTE FILTRATION 0.9 Microns >99.99%
    • FOR PARTICLES BETWEEN 0.5 mic to 0.8 mic >99.9%


     OPTION 2: Ultraceram Fluoride removal Water Filter Replacement Candle for Gravity Urn Water Filters

    ULTRACERAM Filtration with minerals Retained

    This is a cartridge which is sometimes called a candle, it is used to filter water for any gravity water filter. It is a great choice with a standard 12.5mm threaded end to install into any gravity water filter so long as the gravity water filter top tank has a minimum hole size of 12.5mm or a maximum hole size around 20mm. (Note: You can drill or file the hole in your water filter top tank to be 12.5mm if required.)

    An ideal choice of gravity cartridge for both water tanks or treated city water, it has the best test results we can find for a gravity water filtration cartridge. If you are filtering rain water it is great as it will stop all the bugs & bacteria in the water, whilst at the same time it protects you from any herbicides, pesticides or lead that may wash in from your roof.

    Then for treated city water it has super high removal rates for the common contaminants like fluoride, chlorine & chloramine, plus protects from all those other contaminants in the test results below.

    This ULTRACERAM cartridge is made from the highest quality ceramic with  coconut shell based granular activated carbon and other proprietary adsorbent medias on the inside. It combines mechanical filtration and physical adsorption processes to reduce a wide variety of drinking water contaminants of both aesthetic and health concerns.

    This cartridge has a NSF Certified Ceramic outer shell made from Diatomaceous Earth formed from millions of microscopic silicone shells - compressed to give a 0.5 micron rating to repel any sediments, bugs or bacteria.

    The pore structure of the ceramic enables sufficient contact time for the ULTRACERAM to be ideally suited to improving taste and odour as well as reducing Chlorine, Chloramines, Pathogenic Organisms, Volatile Organic Contaminants, Herbicides & Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Semi-Volatile Contaminants and most importantly fluoride.

    This unique high-performance ceramic shell cartridge is perfect for treated tap water or untreated water like rainwater from a tank.

    You will be battling to find a better gravity cartridge than this, that’s a fact.

    What Makes This Product Unique

    It is the quality of the Ultraceram cartridge which has passed all the tests at such high removal rates that makes this cartridge so unique. As the water passes through this cartridge slowly, the extra contact time with the cartridge allows for such a wide range of contaminant removal.

    Manufactured by KLT Industries in Great Britain who guarantee high-quality materials are always used. This single ceramic gravity candle is a highly efficient ceramic sub micron filter suitable to remove unwanted contaminants from any water supply. It is great for both treated or untreated water.

     Operating Performance

    Working parameters

    • Working ph range 5.5 - 9.5

    Nominal Flow Rate**

    • 1 Litre hour


    • To guarantee performance replace every 2000 Litres or every 6 - 12 months when water flow becomes to slow whichever comes first


    • Height 127mm

    • Diameter 70mm

    • Hole diameter 12.5mm minimum to 20mm maximum

    • ** (defined mean flow, Typical range +25% -20%)

    • *** Product tested by Envirotek Laboratories inc to NSF53 standard

    Contaminant Removal


    Long Lasting Service Life Of 12 Months

    Cartridges are very easy to replace and only have to be changed over as required or every 12 months, which ever comes first. They have a recommended maximum life of 2000 litres.

    Due to the filtration of particulate contaminants from the water during use, the flow of water from the filter may reduce over a period of time.

    If your cartridge water flow rate slows down it is normally only because the outside of the Ultraceram cartridge has blocked with fine sediments. These sediments do build up and can slow the flow rate over time dependant on the volume of sediments in the water supply used to fill the top tank.

    To restore the water flow to its normal level, simply remove the cartridge and scrub the surface with a clean skotchbrite kitchen scour pad or some 100 grit sandpaper under running water or in a bowl, ensuring that the open ended thread does not contact the water to avoid contamination.

    Cleanliness is important, wash your hands before handling the cartridge and take care to ensure that no contamination of the cartridge occurs during cleaning.

    Use a glove or similar so your hands dont touch the cartridge as much as possible.

    This cartridge is quite thick and can be scubbed up to 100 times as shown in the image below if that was ever required.


    If the filter is left to stand for more than 3 - 4 days without use, it is recommended that one litre of water be allowed to flow through the cartridge to waste before using.


    When installing or replacing any water filtration cartridges, ensure you know what you are doing or have a qualified person to help you or contact us for assistance.

    Cleanliness is important. Wash hands before handling the cartridge and take care to ensure that no contamination of the cartridge occurs during assembly.

    Use a glove or similar so your hands don't touch the cartridge as much as possible.

    1. Place the sealing washer over the threaded stem
    2. Place the filter candle thread through the hole in the upper section of the top housing and secure with a wing nut
    3. Do not over tighten
    4. Ensure that the outlet tap is in the off position
    5. Fill the upper chamber with cold water and allow this to filter through to the lower section.
    6. It is recommended that this first supply of filtered water is thrown away, as it may contain material washed from the filter element
    7. Some black carbon fines may be seen when first using but this will stop fast 
    8. Open the outlet tap and, over the course of the next few hours, allow the water to run to waste
    9. Fill the upper chamber again, open the outlet tap and allow this water to run to waste again
    10. We recommend filling the top tank 3 times and flushing that water through the cartridge to waste until it is running clear

    The filter is now ready for use.

    Fully Disposable Cartridges

    Wrap your worn out cartridges up in old newspaper and place into your rubbish bin.


    Free Shipping for all Filteroo’s to Anywhere in Australia.

    Ready-made and available for immediate despatch.

    Packaged well to survive the journey to your home so they arrive in the best possible condition.

    Guaranteed to be intact in good condition.

    But in the unlikely event your water purifier was damaged in transit we have full insurance to cover your product for you and we will replace any damaged items at our cost.

    Replacement Parts or Breakages

    You can relax knowing that if in the unlikely event you have any issues or breakages we will be here to assist you with replacements. All Filteroo gravity water filters can have any parts replaced or recreated as required. Just let us know how we can assist you?

    Free Delivery Australia Wide
    12 Month Warranty